ScotRes, a London-based research forum to explore themes around Scottish independence, is looking for researchers to share their work!

In any future referendum on independence, research will underpin the arguments put forward by both sides. We would like to hear from researchers from a range of disciplines and backgrounds, whose work informs people’s knowledge of Scotland/Scottish independence. Possible topics may include:

  • History
  • Scotland’s relationship with Europe and the wider world
  • Immigration and demographics
  • Energy
  • Finance and currency
  • Politics and the constitution

This list is not exhaustive. We are also particularly keen to hear from researchers working on international topics that could inform the direction of an independent Scotland. This might include examples from other countries related to social welfare, the media, urban planning or education.

ScotRes follows the format of public engagement events, such as PubhD and TED, and aims to encourage discussion of ideas using accessible language in an informal environment. Although the specific focus of ScotRes is to provide a platform for early career researchers (working inside and outside of academia) to network and develop their ideas, ScotRes is open to everyone with an interest in research subjects that advance an independent Scotland and is not affiliated to any political party.

Please email or Tweet @Scot_Res to express interest in presenting your research at ScotRes.